Our predesigned kits have been tested in real World situations and all can provide power wherever you require it, whenever you need it.

When designing a kit, be it your own design or one of our predesigned kits, the starting point is always the same, work out what you need to power. This doesn't mean you should just accept what you already have but begin the process of reducing your requirements.

Too many times we have customers trying to design a huge system to meet all of their current needs and allowing for "worst-case scenario". Whilst this isn't a bad plan, it could end up costing you far more than you originally intended to spend or more than you need to spend - solar kits can be increased in size, or upgraded, so it is advisable to build up as you need it rather than accounting for every single possibility.

For example, most kettles are huge consumers of power with an average power rating of between 2,500 and 3,000 Watts, so an Inverter is needed that will power to that limit; however, if you're also running lights, a TV, and charging your phone and laptop, then you'll need a larger inverter to cover all of the power draw.

So a 4kw inverter would be needed.

If you decide that you want to replace the 2.5kw kettle with a lower power model, 1.2kw, then your requirements for an inverter reduce to as little as 2kw.

We have a spreadsheet tool that you can complete to help with sizing your system.

GBK021 - Heidi special - 350Watts of solar and a 500W inverter

We use this kit in our bus and it has never given us any anxiety over having enough power
£1,200.00 inc VAT

GBK004 - Entry kit: 115W of power during sunlight with 2 built in USB chargers

Mono 115W Kit with BlueSolar LCD & USB PWM
£213.00 inc VAT