£462.00 inc VAT

HAZE GEL always delivers when you need it

Full recovery from deep discharge, even when the battery is not recharged immediately.

Tough ABS case with insert terminals as standard

Ideal for repeat cycling daily use.

Extra long lifecycle and resistance to mechanical stress and the elements all in one battery

Improved resistance to freezing

These Haze Gel batteries are perfect for use in environments where you may struggle to charge the batteries efficiently due to weather or location, due to their ability to fully recover from a deep discharge.

Additionally the resistance to freezing, the tough outer case, and their suitability for continuous cycling make them a great choice for motorhomes, boats, narrow boats, campervans, sheds - basically any environment or vehicle that may not get full use all year.

All Haze Gel batteries have a 12-year design life, a decent cyclic life (650 cycles to 50% DOD) and are manufactured to high standards. These gel batteries are safe to transport and feature low self-discharge rates coupled with high charge efficiency.

The active material used in the batteries is very high purity lead (99.9999%). Cases are flame retardant ABS with EPDM rubber venting valves. The electrolyte is analytical grade. All terminals are epoxy sealed by extended mechanical paths.