GreenBee Solar Ltd

Solar Panels And Solar Energy Have Become A Part Of Most Of Our Lives.

Be it, on your calculator, your portable power bank, supplying power to your boat, motorhome or shed, or full house systems designed to supplement your own reliance on the national grid, solar panels and the associated technology are here to stay

We at GreenBee Solar Ltd have been installing systems for the past 10 years, predominantly off grid, and always with a method of storing the energy not needed at a specific time. It wasn't long before Chris Knight, our Managing Director, started asking the simple question of

"Why wouldn't you install solar to replace a reliance of the national grid? Payback times are reducing as the cost of the technology decreases whilst the cost of providing gas / coal / oil increases. The ongoing maintenance costs are minimal and the source of all that power, the Sun, isn't going to stop providing those UV rays anytime soon"

So GreenBee Solar Ltd was born as a family business and now we can offer an extensive range of panels, controllers, invertors and accessories. all of which we'd be more than happy to use ourselves.

We can also help you to design, size and spec your own off grid system, offering the ability to supply everything you need as well as installing the system using our trained and knowledgeable team.